How bedtime music can help you fall asleep faster

Bedtime music

It is not uncommon to find people nodding off to a relaxing tune. This is because our brains are wired to respond to music. For most people music is life. It not only lifts their mood, listening to music is an ideal way to relieve the stress and problems of the modern-day. Music can help you fall asleep. However, the kind of bedtime music you tune to makes the difference between falling asleep faster and staying awake and alert. Studies have shown that peaceful music; music that has a relatively slow beat can help your body relax and so put you to sleep more quickly than fast pace music.

The connection between sleep and music has been established in studies all over the world. The music-sleep magic works for all age categories. Interestingly, infants are lulled to sleep through quiet, gentle music known as lullabies. The result of an online survey shows that music is an effective sleep aid. According to the survey; 62% out of 651 respondents stated to have at least once used music to help them sleep. Also, a survey of 500 patients with sleep disorders shows that over 50% reported using music as a sleep aid.

How bedtime music can help you sleep faster

Listen to slow soothing tunes

Studies have shown that the tempo of the music you listen to makes the difference. Playing slow soothing bedtime music before bedtime can facilitate falling asleep quickly. Here’s how it works: calm tunes will help lower your heart rate, relax your body, lower anxiety and reduce stress. The result is that your heart tunes towards the sleep zone and voila! You are dozing off. This may be a natural and cost-effective way to deal with difficulty falling asleep. A reliable study finds that music with an ideal rhythm or tempo of about 60-80 beats (BMP) a minute will help you drift to dreamland easily. So, always verify the BMP range of a song before listening to it. Meanwhile, there are people who sleep easily with fast beats or tempo. Whatever rocks your boat, be sure the song can lull you to sleep.

Choose a favourite song

Listening to music that we enjoy will boost the serotonin hormone; which helps stabilize your mood, feelings of wellbeing and happiness. It also helps with sleeping. Familiar songs tend to help you fall asleep faster and sleep better. It’s a lot easier to fall asleep to your favourite album. Putting on pleasant music that you love pre-bedtime will help reduce your blood pressure and aid relaxation.

Do not use earbuds or headphones

Playing a background tune at the end of the day’s event could help you detox from stress and distractions. This will help you relax and fall asleep much faster. Nonetheless, falling asleep with your earbuds could be dangerous to your health. First, they can make you uncomfortable especially if you sleep on your side. Also, you risk having necrosis, this is due to the pressure your headphones put on your ear. This could restrict the flow or circulation of blood resulting in the death of body tissue. Additionally, prolonged use of the earbud can lead to the buildup of wax in the ear. This is because the earbud blocks wax exists channel. However, if you must use an earbud or headphones, we recommend that you regulate the sound or noise to below 80 decibels as advised by the world health organization.

Select the right lyrics

Lyrics can be mentally stimulating. Some experts recommend listening to songs without lyrics. This is because your mind could get busy with the lyrics of music and this will make dozing off difficult. However, lyrics matter, in fact, lyrics help us relate matter with the purpose of the song and the songwriter.  So, choose songs with lyrics that enhance sleep rather than distort sleep.

Avoid negative emotional triggers

You do not need Songs that trigger pain, sad memories, anxiety or anger. You want to sleep calmly and so a peaceful soundtrack should do the work. A song that reminds you of a breakup, or activates the memory of a dead loved one could make you struggle to fall asleep.


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