How Falling Asleep to a TV Show affects your health

Oftentimes, most people find themselves falling asleep while watching their favorite TV show. There is a television set in a good number of bedrooms these days and they have become a part of our rituals. Infact, aside from literature and music, TV is one of the ways people put themselves to sleep. Research has however suggested that this practice is not right. In our previous article, we talked about how blue light affects your circadian rhythm, now we will focus on what falling asleep to your favorite show could be doing to your body.

Why Falling Asleep to Your Favorite TV Show is Affects Your Health

A report published by JAMA Internal Medicine postulated that sleeping with the TV on in your bedroom “may be a risk factor for weight gain, overweight, and obesity.” They even suggested that reducing a person’s exposure to artificial light at night could “be a useful intervention for obesity prevention.” Sleep junkie.com suggests that you use electronics for at least two hours before bed, to reduce exposure to blue light. The blue light stimulates the brain and makes you feel alert. It  elevates your body temperature and heart rate, which is why they are fine through the day.

Dr. Chris Brantner stated that tweaking your pre-sleep TV habits may lessen their negative effects. He said that watching TV on an actual television-as opposed to electronic devices like tablets and phones may lessen the effects of blue light. If you must have a TV on, then turn away from the light and listen only to the audio; which might be hard to do if you are watching a movie or your favorite TV show. You could also set your TV to auto-turn off in order to cut out light if you are falling asleep.

Endeavor not to become too dependent on your TV as a sleep aid, because falling asleep without it will become difficult in a long run, especially when you are far from home or in places where you do not have easy access to a TV. Instead of TV before bed, you could try meditative activities, reading or even praying. Having a lot of sleep-promoting options can better help you become too dependent on one habit.


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