How Winco Foam Delivers Exceptional Customer Service

Providing Exceptional Customer service to any business venture is very important and cannot be overemphasized. Customer service is important to your business because it retains customers and extracts more value from them. Initially, Contrary to the previous perception that views Customer service as just about being courteous to your customers. Recently, Customer service has become a vital element of business operations that can impact your bottom line and affect how your company is viewed in the public eye. At Winco Foam, we take to recognize this important aspect of business operation and have over the years taken conscious and deliberate steps to ensure that our esteemed customers are served as kings.

Some of the ways we have delivered exceptional customer service are embedded in this post.

  1. Our Customer-Centric Approach:

We recognize that at the heart of the business we do is our loyal and esteem customers. Our Customer-centric approach to business allows us to anticipate customers’ needs. Customer-centric is a business strategy adopted by Winco Foam that is based on putting our customers first and at the core of our business in order to provide a positive experience and build long-term relationships.

We achieve this goal in the following ways:

Hire for customer success

At Winco Foam, we are very meticulous about hiring our employees because employees are the front-facing workforce that will shape many of the experiences with customers. Regardless of the role, we hire talent that can be aligned with customer-centric thinking.

Put relationships first

At Winco Foam, we don’t see our customers based on numbers rather we seek to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with them.

Connect company culture to customer outcomes

For us at Winco Foam, we ensure that employees are motivated by a customer-centricity strategy where actions can be linked to results. For example, we have adopted strategies to reduce customer wait times at our various sale outlets.

  1. How we offer Proactive Support to our customers

This is part of our strategy of delivering an exceptional customer service experience to our customers. The question that comes to mind is how we achieve this. Firstly. We realize that being reactive in customer service might satisfy the customer, it won’t necessarily surprise or delight them.

Therefore some of our strategies include:

Ask Customers for Feedback

For us at Winco Foam industries, Customer service is about giving customers what they want, but first, we like to find out what that is – And there’s no better way than to ask them. We adopt this strategy so we can easily identify areas of weakness and correct them before customers become unhappy.

We achieve this through:

  • Include a feedback form on our website(wincofoam.com)
  • Send a survey to our customers through our depots and distributors.
  • Interview our customers and ask how the product satisfies their need
  • We use our social media handles like Facebook and Twitter to get feedback on products/ service

Pay Attention to What Customers 

We also pay attention to our customers through our online platforms. This allows us to address the customer’s needs and increase satisfaction. When it comes to customer complaints, we usually respond with an apology and make sure we include a description of what you are doing to fix the problem.

Reward Customers with Offers

At Winco Foam industries, we recognize the power of using offers to build loyalty. By this, we offer incentives such as instant discounts, rebates, and commissions to our distributors and customers. For example, in commemoration of the customer service week celebration and as part of our show of appreciation to our customers, a 5% discount was given by the company on the purchase of all its products nationwide.

Create Content That AnswersQuestions

For us at Winco Foam, we realize that many customers prefer to find answers to their problems themselves rather than having to call or email a company as calling. With this in mind, our post and blog section is laden with industry-related content that seeks to answer anticipated questions and proffer possible solutions.


From the foregoing, Winco Foam Industry is poised to continue delivering quality and exceptional customer service to its customers. For all your mattress needs, you can call our customer care line- 09062010211 or visit our website on www.wincofoam.com or stroll into any of our depots or sale point and delight yourself with the comfort you deserve.



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