How To Soften Your Mattress

Does your mattress feel like you are sleeping on a hard slab or a cement floor? Sometimes a mattress might be firm because it is new and needs to be broken or because of its makeup, either way, a mattress that is too firm can chop into your valuable hours of sleep. A mattress that is too firm may cause pressure to accumulate in your joints and muscles and will leave you sore and stiff in the morning.

In a situation like that, replacing your mattress is always an option, so we have listed ways you can manage an overly firm mattress.

Use a Mattress Topper

A topper can be used to soften or harden your sleep surface; it is the easiest way to adjust the surface of your mattress. Some can give a mattress a more supportive feel, while others add plush padding. Soft toppers add a few extra inches of cushion and are made using materials like memory foam, latex, cotton, wool, and feathers.

However the drawback of a mattress topper is the expense, despite some people still prefer a topper to buying a softer mattress.

Be sure not to confuse mattress toppers with mattress pads. Manufacturers often use the terms interchangeably, but a true topper adds a few inches of memory foam, latex, or poly-foam to your mattress. A mattress pad is essentially a fitted sheet with a quilted top.

While they serve similar functions by providing an extra layer of cushion, toppers are also different from pillow tops. A pillow top is a comfort layer added on while a mattress is assembled, while a topper is something you buy separately and place on top of a finished mattress. Pillow tops are often found in imported mattresses.

Break In the Bed

If your mattress is new, it may just need time to soften up. Many mattress companies suggest trying out a bed for a specific period before deciding it’s the right mattress for you.

To break in the bed faster, don’t just restrict yourself to lying down at night. Try to lounge on the mattress during the day or walk across its surface for a few minutes.

If you can’t spare the time to soften up your mattress during the day, try leaving a few heavy books or similar items on its surface. The pressure will help the mattress soften up quickly.

Turn Up the Heat

Many foam mattresses are sensitive to room temperature, softening when warm and firming up when it‘s cool. This is a side effect of its sensitivity to body heat, enabling the material to mold to a sleeper’s curves. Memory foam is especially temperature sensitive. You can boost the effect by keeping warm flannel sheets or a wool blanket on the bed, preventing ambient heat from escaping the mattress.

Bundle Up With Blankets and Soft Bedding

If you don’t have the money for a mattress topper, you can still soften up your mattress with a few blankets and specialized-bedding. For example, while most people sleep under a comforter or duvet, placing a comforter/duvet on top of the mattress pads the bed, softening a too-firm feel.

Layering blankets on top of your mattress isn’t the most comfortable way to sleep. However, it’s a good stop-gap measure while you shop around for a more permanent solution.

Try a New Foundation

Where you keep your mattress can affect its feel. For example, if you keep your mattress on the floor, the surface may feel harder than if you paired it with a slatted platform bed.

Box springs were only designed to support traditional innerspring mattresses; more significantly, box springs do not provide consistent support and can cause premature sagging.

Solid platforms often make a mattress feel firmer than another type of bed base would.

Return the Mattress

After trying out the mattress for the specified period prescribed by the manufacturer; Winco Foam gives a 2-week trial period and it still feels like you’re sleeping on a plywood board? You might want to reach out to the company’s customer service and initiate the return process.

But if you cannot return your mattress and you’ve tried our other tips and still aren’t getting proper sleep, it’s probably time to replace your mattress.




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