About Us

Our Journey

The Winco Foam journey began over 47 years ago with a vision to redefine comfort and quality in the Nigerian bedding industry. Established in the 1970s and officially incorporated in 1983 as Winco Foam Industries Limited, we have emerged as one of Nigeria's leading polyurethane foam manufacturers. Since our inception, we've been on a relentless pursuit to provide our customers with the most comfortable, innovative, and durable mattresses and cushioning products.

For decades, we have harnessed profound knowledge, expertise, and innovative approaches to create mattresses that redefine the way Nigerians sleep.

Our brand is a symbol of excellence, integrity, and unmatched customer service. We have uniquely distinguished ourselves in the Nigerian mattress production sector adhering to safety and quality standards. We continue to set new milestone for quality and affordability.

Wincofoam Mission

To offer customers outstanding products and services that provide total sleep solutions while creating superior value for consumption.

Wincofoam Vision

To be at the top and remain as the undisputed leader in the foam industry while searching for ways to improve every day.

Our Promise - Great Comfort

At Winco Foam, we offer a distinct promise - "Great Comfort." It sets us apart from our competitors and embodies our dedication to ensuring you experience the most peaceful, serene, and restful sleep possible. We believe that quality sleep is a foundation for a better life, and we're here to guide you toward that experience.

We identified a significant gap in the market - the need for affordable high quality sleep. We strongly believe that the idea of sleep should not be expensive and our passion lies in addressing this issue, ensuring that every Nigerian enjoys a good night's sleep and the comfort they deserve.

To further enhance a wide accessibility to quality sleep, we have the option of Pay Small Small to ensure that everyone gets the sleep they desire without breaking the bank.

Why Choose Us?

Best Quality and Comfort

We have the best quality mattresses and pillows that gives the best comfort and sleep quality for a healthier lifestyle.

Pay Small Small

With Winco Foam, your audience can get a new mattress now, and pay over a period of time.

14 Nights Sleep Trial

Winco allow customers to try out any mattress for a period of 14 days within which if they aren’t comfortable with it, they can get a replacement.


Winco Foam is committed to providing superior product durability and quality offering up to 10 years warranty.

Our  Team

Our dedicated team is the driving force behind our success. At Winco Foam, we believe in the power of connection and shared values. Our team is dedicated to delivering on our promise of quality, comfort, and reliability.

Mr. Godwin Okafor

Chairman and Founder

Mrs. Marcelina Okafor


olisa okafor


Ifeanyi Okafor


Oluchi Okafor

Dickens Econg

Head, Operations and HR

Kelechi Alozie

Head of Finance

Our Awards - For Excellence

We have been awarded the following amongst others:

  • Giver’s Award As A Community & Social Developer
  • Special Recognition Award from Nigerian Economics Students Association, Veritas University Chapter
  • Ambassador of Honesty & Hardworking Company Award from Soccer Ambassador Sports Club
  • CSR Champion of the Decade from PRTIMES Africa
  • The Guilded Leader Award from P.C.F.A. Kosofe Branch 1
  • Honorary Award from ChellCHEM
  • Merit Award from Foam Manufacturers Group of MAN
  • Community Friendly Industry of the Year (Manufacturing) Award
  • African Product Awards 2013 Presented to Elegant Mattress Brand as Best Foam Mattress Product 2013
  • Best Manufacturer of Quality Foams from  Professional Carpentry & Furniture Maker Association of Lagos State, Kosofe Branch.

Behind-the-Scenes Look at How We Craft Our Mattresses

Our advanced manufacturing facilities are strategically located in Abuja, Awka, and Lagos, enabling us to deliver superior products to our customers with efficiency and precision. We invite you to take a look into our world.

Customer  Reviews

Our customers speak about the authenticity of our commitment to excellence.

Loyalty Rewards

We always provide  excellent support services to all our partners at the same time rewarding them for their courage and achievements in moving our brand to the next level.

Find Us

At Winco Foam, we've located our stores close to our customers. You can also reach us by giving us a call. Follow us on our social media channels.




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