8 Best Gifts for Better Sleep this Season for Everyone on your list/ Including yourself

Many people are used to the conventional Christmas gifts- the hamper with groceries or food items, the clothes, shoes, electronic gadgets etc. and not a product for better sleep. How about a sleep product as a gift this yuletide?  The truth is that, many are increasingly aware of the many benefits of sleep to the body, and would rave about anything that helps them drift to dreamland easily. Most importantly, while you shop for family and friends, you should also get one or two gifts for yourself this season.

Interestingly, there are gift-worthy sleep/bedding products that would be appreciated by any and everyone who desires something unusual this season. Amazingly, you don’t have to break the bank to get these products; they are highly affordable and would ultimately put a smile on someone’s face this season. Here’s a list of our irresistible gift items from Winco Foam.

Customized Throw pillow

Customized Throw Pillow

Everyone loves to feel special and loved this season. Beautifully, a throw pillow is that perfect present that leaves your loved ones obviously excited. Interestingly, you can have a personal effect on someone with a customized throw pillow. For instance, with the Winco foam customizable throw pillow service, you can customize a throw pillow to read: “happy Christmas my bestie with their picture on it”. How about a happy wedding anniversary or birthday wishes inscribed on the throw pillow? We bet you that  a friend or family member who receives this gift  will forever cherish that throw pillow.

Porta Mat

You don’t have to bust your savings to put a smile on someone’s face this season. The gift of a Porta Mat is an affordable way to make any one’s holiday special. The Porta mat serves multi-purposes and would be appreciated by anyone. Moreover, you have always given out the conventional gifts in previous times, now it’s time to try something different.

Dual Side mattress

The gift of quality sleep is the best gift that never gets devalued. Whether you are shopping for a couple, your  parents, bestie, colleague, boss, boo or yourself. The Winco foam Dual side mattress is an ultimate gift. Who would frown at a mattress that offers so much comfort, stress-relieving, even weight distribution, proper spinal alignment and so forth?  One of the interesting features of this mattress is its dual sides-meaning you can flip the mattress to your preferred sleep surface at any time. With a 10 year warranty on this mattress, your investment is guaranteed. ALSO READ: Best Mattresses for Couples in Nigeria

Leg rest

winco leg rest

This innovative leg-rest from Winco foam provides proper leg support for everyone.  This is because the leg-rest relieves from leg, hip and knee pressure, improves blood circulation and improves sleep quality. You can help a pregnant partner, buddy, or loved one ward off varicose vein with this sleep accessory. Again, your mom or dad would appreciate a gift that provides proper elevation for the leg.

Memory pillow



Do you think of a way to give yourself a special treat? It’s time to upgrade your pillow.  Know someone who deserves a highly supportive pillow? The Winco Foam memory pillow is an ideal treat for you and a great gift for anyone.  It’s uniquely designed to properly align your neck and promote support for your spine and overall body.  This pillow will provide all the cushiness that a conventional mattress could not offer. After all, you deserve to lay your head on an angel’s wing after the stressful & challenging hustle of 2020.

Divan Mattress

Having a bed base and a matching mattress in one gift would be really fascinating. You can spoil yourself or someone on your gift list with this amazing present this season from Winco Foam. Gift your partner, bestie or boo this  unique 2 in 1 one Divan mattress and have them thank you forever.

Pet bed

Not everyone will appreciate this gift except someone who loves pets. Your pet deserves a gift too don’t you think so? If you have someone on your gift list that has a pet and would need a pet bed, this pet bed is a perfect gift for them this season. It is designed to provide support for your pet and its super durable.

Mattress Topper

Know anyone who needs to upgrade the feel of their mattress? A mattress topper is a perfect gift to ensure your loved ones get a great night sleep every night. A mattress topper not only enhances the feel of your mattress but it also extends the lifespan of the mattress. This is a really special season gift. You can pick the ideal mattress topper that suits the sleep needs of your loved one. READ ALSO: What Exactly is a Mattress Topper? and Why You Need a Mattress Topper







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