6 Things To Consider When Purchasing A Student Mattress

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Those that have lived in a dorm at one time or the other would know better how important it is to make the right choice of mattress, especially when you want to get a new mattress. Everyone desires comfort when they sleep irrespective of their body type, weight, or size. As a student, you don’t want to bother yourself with anything irrelevant, but you need to hear this, the choice of mattress you sleep on is as relevant to your health as passing your exams.

Either you are buying your mattress yourself or your parents are the ones buying it, consider these tips when purchasing a student mattress. It would help you make the right choice as well as help you maintain a healthy sleep life for balanced academic success.  Although some schools provide mattresses for their dorms, this guide will help whoever wants to purchase a student’s mattress.

Know how you sleep

If you are a student considering buying a mattress, you should pay attention to your sleeping position as this would determine if you should go for a firm, soft, or medium-firm or soft mattress. A side sleeper would be more comfortable with a medium-soft mattress while a back sleeper would somewhat prefer a mattress that falls in the firm category.  Not considering this can put you at the risk of constant discomfort, you sure don’t know what suits your sleeping position.

Hear from an expert

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Speaking with an expert before you make a new purchase of your mattress would go a long way to save you some stress as well as help you enjoy quality sleep from a guided decision. Everyone has a unique mattress need, what Mr. A needs may not necessarily be what Mr. B would require a good night’s rest. Therefore, an expert’s guide will guide your choice to answer any questions, especially if you don’t know what you need to enjoy quality sleep.

Get the sizes

You should know the size of the room as well as the size of the mattress that would be appropriate. You don’t want your bed occupying the entire room, take your time to know what you need. Do you know how mattress sizes are measured? In case you don’t, find out here. Mattress sizes in Nigeria.

 So, don’t forget to get familiar with the size of the mattress that would fit your room. You surely don’t want the stress associated with wrong sizing.

Try the mattress

Nowadays, people buy stuff online without the opportunity to try what they are buying. Interestingly, many people have bought stuff online without regret. However, if you decide to visit a store to make a purchase, you can request to try out the mattress you want to purchase to know what you are getting. On the other hand, we have brands that would allow you their trial night period when you buy from them online. Wherever you decide to buy from, if you have the time, ensure you test out the mattress you are buying.

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How about a mattress topper or pad?

Hope you know mattress toppers come in many sizes? Oh yeah, they do! You buy a mattress topper to increase the lifespan of your mattress or improve comfort. This is a smart way to save money as a student. So, instead of worrying about a new mattress when you think you need to change your mattress, you can just buy a topper at half the cost of a new mattress and keep some change for yourself.

Mattress topper

A mattress pad serves as a protector for your mattress. You can buy one for your mattress to protect it from stains and direct contact with dust. A pad can easily be washed, this would help make keep to your mattress intact and free from quick wear and tear.

Good maintenance

The importance of getting a good mattress that you can maintain as a student cannot be overly emphasized.  To prevent your mattress from quick damage, make sure you care for it accordingly as stated in the manual if it comes with any. Go for a mattress you can easily sanitize to destroy dust mites and possible allergies. In short, just opt-in for a mattress that you can maintain and care for.



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