Pillow(s): 5 Signs You Need to Get a New One


 How long have you been using your pillow(s)? Surprisingly, most people do not consider replacing their pillows a priority. But the truth is, in addition with your mattress, your pillow plays a vital role in the quality of sleep you get each night, and so, should be given the needed attention.

Pillows are designed for several purposes. Common place amongst its numerous functions is that it serves as a head rest. This means that every night, your pillow bears the weight of your head, this would eventually lead to sagging and discomfort. Also, while you snooze on your pillow, your pillow absorbs saliva, sweat, skin and hair, even body oil. Unfortunately, these materials will make your pillow smell, think of the offensive odour your pillow emits that makes you toss and turn all through the night. Although you can prevent this pungent smell by regularly washing your pillows.

Again, dust mites thrive on these materials-sweats, saliva and so forth and would result in allergies that could disrupt our sleep and also productivity. More so, your pillow like every other item has a lifespan, so, you would have to replace your pillow regardless, to enjoy a peaceful slumber each night.

5 signs you need to replace your pillow(s)

Dust mite Allergies

Pillows are oftentimes reservoirs for dust mites, which causes allergies like sneezing, runny nose, itchy or red eyes, etc. When you constantly experience one or more of these allergies each time you wake up, then it’s time to get new pillow(s). These allergies can destabilize your day and also disrupt your sleep. Also, if you have allergies, replacing your pillow regularly should be a habit.

Aches and Pains


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The right pillow will help position your head and neck properly, providing the needed alignment for your entire body. However, if you wake up with aches and pains in your neck and shoulder, then your pillow might just be the culprit. You should replace your pillow ASAP.

Uneven Spots

You most likely have noticed that your once beautiful and comfortable pillow is having lumps. Pillows get lumpy when they collect moistures, dust mites and dirt.  This is common with leather or foam pillows. Although you can remove the lumps through online DIY’s tips-pillow fluffing, this may not provide a satisfactory result. We recommend simply buying a new pillow(s). Moreover, there are high quality bed pillows that would save you from the stress and discomfort of a lumpy pillow.

Flat surface

pillow with flat surface

Most persons do not realize the harm a flat pillow poses to their health until they begin to feel pains and aches in their neck or shoulder. A depressed pillow surface is a sign that your pillow has served its purpose and therefore you need a new pillow. Also, if your pillow does not stretch back to its original shape after you fold it, then you should get a new one. Also Read: Things to Consider when Buying Pillows

Tough or Permanent Stains

Pillow with tough or permanent stain


You don’t have to be stuck with a pillow with noticeable permanent stain, especially when a new pillow won’t cost an arm. We do not refer to stubborn stains on your pillow case but on the pillow itself. This can be an unpleasant yellow stain caused by a saliva or fluid which will eventually cause your pillow to smell due to decay.

Regularly washing your pillows will prolong its life span, but the truth is that your pillow won’t last forever. Ideally, you should replace your pillow every 2-3 years. Most importantly, you should replace your pillow if it no longer provides the needed support to your neck, head and spine.




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