5 responsible mattress disposal strategies

mattress disposal strategies

An old, worn-out mattress would not only give you a turbulent sleep experience, but it can also cause some health havoc to the individual. many people are indecisive about when to dispose of their ruined mattresses. However, some others do not know how to dispose of their old mattresses.

This review gives answers to the health implications of using an old mattress and also provide a win-win solution on mattress disposal strategies for a  worn-out mattress. The life span of an average mattress is between 6-8 years. After which the mattress begins to get lumpy, saggy and the foam may begin to fail.  However, this depends on the mattress component, then you know it’s due for replacement. Unfortunately,   most people continue to use their old and worn-out mattresses, so long as it continues to serve the least purpose even when comfort and safety are compromised. Little wonder statistics reveal that only 11% of people renew a bed because it has become uncomfortable.

However, the consequences of using an old damaged mattress can be very severe not just to your sleep experience but can also have far-reaching health implications ranging from chronic back pain to allergies and increasing stress levels.

Here is how your old mattress is ruining your health.

An old mattress has the potency of increasing your stress level

The stress here can come with some physical symptoms, such as headaches,  an upset stomach, high blood pressure, chest pain, back pain etc. and also some emotional problems such as depression, panic attacks, or other forms of anxiety and worry. Recent studies have revealed that an old mattress can increase your stress level. Old mattresses can directly affect your stress levels, as the physical and emotional problems one encounter can be as a result of using worn-out mattresses.

Your mattress can trigger allergies

Old mattresses provide suitable breeding grounds for bed bugs and dust mites. These microscopic creatures eat the dead cells your body sheds.  The process sounds gross, and it is. Dust mites also lead to skin problems, such as eczema and respiratory conditions, as they damage your lungs and promote a sore throat. Another side effect of dust mites is snoring. The irritation of the airways due to dust mites increases the risks of snoring, making breathing more difficult. The average mattress should be changed every 6 or 8 years, in order to prevent it from becoming a farm of dust mites and bed bugs.

A bad mattress can lead to back pain

Another common problem of sleeping on an old mattress is back pain.  Your mattress can actually promote back pain. A ‘bad’ mattress that’s sagging or otherwise had its structural integrity compromised can cause a lot of back pain. In a recent study, approximately two-thirds of patients with chronic back pain reported sleeping disorders. Research has highlighted that disrupted sleep can exacerbate chronic back problems, forming a vicious cycle where back pain disrupts sleep,  and poor sleep can make the pain worse.

Here is how to dispose of an old mattress

Have you ever wondered what becomes of an old mattress thrashed in a dumpsite and other public areas? The result could be a disaster just like electronics, mattresses are one of the most difficult consumer products to get rid of responsibly—which is why they frequently end up getting illegally dumped in alleyways or left on curbsides. Trying to get rid of a mattress is a hassle, but letting it rot away isn’t exactly eco-friendly. If you’re wondering how to dispose of your old mattress. Here are a few options for old mattress disposal services.

Swap it for a new one

mattress swap
mattress swap

Mattress swap is one of the mattress disposal strategies you should try. As part of ensuring that everyone has a  comfortable sleep experience, Winco foam industry is offering its customers the opportunity to own a new and comfortable Winco mattress in exchange for the old mattress.  This mattress swap service is in tandem with the company’s quest to contribute to environmental sustainability. The Winco Foam Mattress swap deal guarantees a fair exchange to its customers.

Here is how mattress swap works:

Your old mattress will be  measured to ascertain its weight in Kilograms

You would be offered a mattress or any bed other bedding product  worth the monetary value of your old mattress

While your old mattress is carted away for recycling.

Notably, all brands of mattresses can be swapped for a brand new Winco foam mattress or bedding products such as mattress topper, leg rest, porta mat, pet bed, mattress protector.

Make Rugs out of your old Mattress Upholstery

Jazzy rug
Jazzy rug

If you’ve been using a  mattress protector and the fabric is clean from stains, you could transform your old mattress into a jazzy rug. Use additional fabric from old clothes to create a patchwork style rug that will make your friends green with envy.

Repurpose your old Mattress in Your own Backyard

Kids love bouncing on the bed much to the dismay of their parents. You can recycle old mattresses by putting them in your backyard and have your kids bouncing for joy.  Your old mattress can also act as a cushion under a jungle gym to prevent accidents. Children have fantastic imaginations and will turn that old mattress into a space-bound rocket ship.

Sell it

You could make some extra cash by selling your old mattress to furniture makers.  Also, you can post pictures of your old mattress on your local Facebook Marketplace or classifieds. However, the truth is that not many people are interested in buying a used mattress because of its cleanliness. Also, we do not recommend that people buy old mattresses for personal use. This is because of the hygiene implications of sleeping on an already used mattress. So, swapping your old mattress for a brand new one remains one of the most profitable actress disposal strategies you should try out.


An old mattress is not totally useless as you may think. We recommend you take advantage of these mattress disposal strategies offered. Specifically, the Winco Mattress swap deal avails you the opportunity to exchange your old mattress for a brand new one. Also, to avoid the loss of time and money invested in solving health challenges associated with sleeping on an old mattress and the environmental hazards of dumping your mattress in a refuse site, you should dispose of your old mattress responsibly!


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