5 Reasons You Struggle To Wake Up

Wake up time

Fighting out the beautiful dreams to get out from a pleasant sleep is a struggle for many people. In a study, 32% of employees have blamed their lateness on oversleeping. Ever snooze the alarm and postpone your wake time because you’d rather catch some more sleep. You are not alone.

Sleep  is an exercise that aids the relaxation of the body and enables the body to heal and recover for the next day. We often experience the displeasure that comes from the consciousness that we have to wake up from our beauty sleep and face the day’s activities.

Ever wonder why? Here are reasons you struggle to get up from your bed

You went to bed late

Working late at night

Remember the “early to bed and early to rise” philosophy. Understandably, our jobs, family and other commitments often steal into our sleep time but if you do not stick to a regular sleep-wake schedule, chances are you’d often fight your way out of bed. Scientifically, the body’s master clock in synchronization with the brain regulates your body activities and this includes sleep. If disrupted, by a change in sleep time, your wake time will also be affected while you struggle to wake up. Improve your bedtime routine to prevent the struggle.

 The Season of the Year

Many people attest to enjoy their sleep more during the raining season. This is because during the raining seasons, the body achieves a natural deep sleep process because of the cool outdoor temperature while the hot-dry season is not only physically discomforting but also prevents the body from achieving deep sleep. So it is more difficult for us to get out of bed during the raining season than the dry season.  Keeping yourself warm in a cold temperature will help you get out of bed easily.

Your Gadgets

It is common to close the day by reading and responding to our emails, hooking up with friends on social media, reading e-books and playing our favorite games. While we carry out these activities, our eyes are exposed to the blue lights that radiate from these digital gadgets which delays nod off time. As a solution, you can turn on the protective device on your gadget, or avoid spending time in front of any screen 1-2 hours before bedtime. This makes dozing off easier.

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It’s your Makeup

Ever heard of a night owl sleeper?

Genetically, some people are wired to struggle with waking up from sleep. These are the night owl sleeper’s. They are natural late sleepers and usually struggle to wake up in the morning.

Stress and Anxiety

Can't sleep

Stress can reduce your quality and quantity of sleep. Tossing and turning on the bed is a symptom of worries and stress which places the body in a state of unrest and makes dozing off difficult. Stress and sleep are interwoven, when you are under stress, a state of deep sleep may be achieved late in the night and triggers struggle waking up. Ensure you unwind before going to bed and engage in other activities that can relieve the worries and stress.



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