5 Benefits of Using a Customized Mattress

Customized Mattress

A terrible or uncomfortable mattress can deny you a great night’s rest.  Just like good food, sleep plays a crucial role in optimizing our health and well-being. Getting good sleep protects and supplements one’s physical, mental, emotional health, and even quality of life. In order to provide ourselves with good sleep, it is vital to use a good mattress but perhaps a standard mattress may not take into account an individual’s sleeping position(s), height, weight, body type, or health issues such as shoulder or back pain or other peculiarities. However, you need not lose sleep over finding the right bed because a customized mattress is intrinsically laden with lots of benefits. Therefore if you’re at a crossroads on whether to get a custom-made mattress or not, this review will be very handy to you.

 Some of the benefits include:

You Cut Out the Middleman

Getting a custom-made mattress is indeed cost-saving. In the process of getting a custom-made mattress, you can cut all the middlemen that aid to increase the prices of standard mattresses per unit. By this, you are able to cut out a long chain of distributors, warehousemen, wholesalers, retailers, deliverymen, and other logistics.

We recommend that you invest in a custom-made mattress from a factory-direct mattress company such as The Winco Foam Industry. You can walk into any of our factories in Abuja, Lagos, or Awka to order your ideal customized mattress. Or you can contact our customer care line on 09062010211 to place your orders.

Customized Mattresses provides Extra Comfort

Back pain? Neck, spine, hips, or Achy joint pain? What you need is a mattress that can provide you with the right support, back alignment, and muscle cushioning, and not one that contributes to the pain. Perhaps, your regular mattress may not be best suited to provide you with such comfort. For this reason, what you need is a mattress with specific characteristics that are tailor-made to meet your health needs. A customized mattress provides you with the flexibility to select and design a mattress that suits your sleep posture.

Let Your Partner Keep Their Preference

Chances are that the preference between partners will always differ. This is so because of physical, biological, physiological, or medical reasons. However, in terms of mattresses, rarely do two partners share the same affinity for mattress type. One might like a soft, comfort-oriented sleep surface with lots of cuddly blankets, sheets, and pillows, while the other sleep partner prefers a firm, supportive mattress with few blankets restricting their slumber.  Instead of the unending tension about which partner gets to be comfortable, a custom-made mattress provides partners with a mattress that’s a win-win for both! A custom-made mattress can be manufactured so that each side is unique. The mattress allows partners to select their preferred firmness. That means partners can get the perfect night without having to sleep separately in different beds.

Customized Mattresses provides the Perfect Fit

When we are talking about purchasing a new mattress, the idea of “one size fits all” doesn’t quite fit right for everyone. Everyone has their own preference, bed size, variable room size, and a lot of other factors come to play. Ready-made mattresses can be difficult to fit the needs of a person all the time. Therefore, a custom-size mattress can be more useful in this scenario.

No matter how big or small the bed you have, you can customize it. It ensures that everyone is getting adequate space to sleep peacefully and enjoy the night. Getting a suitably sized mattress is really a great deal in the long run. You don’t have to worry about exchanging your mattress or discarding it as your family grows with time.

Customized Mattresses are Tailored Sleeping Environment

Customization gives individuals the freedom to express themselves as it relates to their sleep environment. When you opt for a custom-made mattress, you’re also at liberty to choose your pillows and the best bed sheets that you feel will be perfect for the mattress thereby giving you an all-around customized sleep environment. You can hand-select every detail, for a feel that truly matches your requirements.

In conclusion, If you need more advice on what mattress to buy, or would like to arrange to take the next step on your journey towards the perfect night’s sleep, get in touch with Winco Foam Industry, as we are always happy to provide you with that great comfort that you deserve.


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