5 Bedwetting Hacks to Help Your Kids Have Dry Nights


For most kids, wetting the bed is a really humiliating and overwhelming habit especially when it lingers into adolescence. Often times, the embarrassment and guilt about wetting the bed can have a great impact on a child’s self esteem if not properly handled.

Unsurprisingly, about five in 100 kids wet the bed at night with a higher rate found amongst boys than girls; a ratio of 2 boys to 1 girl. Interestingly, medical experts have attributed hereditary as one of the notable causes of nocturnal enuresis (a medical term for bedwetting), while other causes include: small bladder, hormonal imbalance, sleeping deep, constipation and so forth.

Bedwetting is common in most families, in fact most parents worry about their kids wetting the bed and they feel helpless to stop it. Families that have a bedwetting kid(s) have to deal with the urine odor, stain on the mattress and beddings and accompanying allergies. Although, most kids naturally would stop wetting the bed with time, but for some it’s a habit that requires deliberate guide to stop. We understand the physical and emotional stress cum discomfort you go through as a parent or guardian and have provided useful tips to help your child stop bedwetting . Let’s get to it.

Reduce Nighttime Fluid Intake

You can help your kid stop bedwetting by regulating the amount of fluid they take in especially at night. Fluid here also includes caffeinated drinks, in fact, it is important that your child don’t consume drinks that contain caffeine at night, it should be completely avoided. Specifically, more water should be consume at daytime (morning and afternoon), while your kid sip healthily at night.

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Night Waking

Although frequent night waking can disrupt sleep quality, however, waking your child at intervals to empty their bowel will help prevent bedwetting. This is a training that once instilled, will make the child more conscious and so can easily wake up from deep slumber. Most parents find this extremely stressful as they also have their sleep interrupted and may sometimes sleep off but then you can have a bedwetting alarm set at intervals.

Regular Use of Toilet/Bathroom During the Day

Constipation is one of the causes of bedwetting for children. According to medical experts, too much stool in the lower intestine places pressure on the bladder and reduces its ability to hold urine. This inability to hold urine due to constipation can make your child wet the bed at time. Ensure your kid eat healthy (snack on fruits more), and that they poo and urinate regularly during the day. Also you must train you kid to use the bathroom before bedtime, we recommended 2-3 urine trips to the bathroom

Ensure Easy Access to the toilet

This entails ensuring their is light in your kid’s room and the bathroom consecutively. Kids naturally do not like darkness and may be forced to wet their bed if the feel the urge to urinate because of fear.

Give Positive Affirmations

Guess you never thought of this as a remedy. We understand it can be really stressful dealing with a kid that wets the bed, nonetheless bedwetting is not a deliberate act, and it’s not your kids fault. So, do not spite nor punish your kid for bedwetting. Children thrive when they are praise and motivated and not criticize nor condemn. So rather than yell or punish the child, give positive remarks such as; ‘I am proud of you,’ this is only a phase’ and so on. Also teach your kid to make positive affirmations about themselves. To illustrate:  You can teach them to say: I wake up with a dry night. More so, you can tell your kid a story of a relation, family friend or loved one that battled with bedwetting. What happens when they have a dry night? Applaud them.




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