4 Strategies of Creating Greater Value for your Customers


4 Strategies of Creating Greater Value for your Customers

Customers are the life-wire of any business. The old cliché which connotes that “Customers are King” is a constant reminder that businesses exist because of the presence of Customers. However, any business that is not customer-centric is bound to fail. This goes on to suggest that Customers are pivotal to the overall growth of any business because they drive revenues; without them, businesses cannot continue to exist.There it is imperative to device certain strategies that will create value for the customers of any business venture.

More so, businesses often honor the adage “the customer is always right” because happy customers are more likely to keep up their patronage. As a result, many companies closely monitor their customer relationships to solicit feedback on methods to improve product lines.

This year, as the world celebrates the Customer Service Week themed “The Power of Service” It is not enough just for businesses to produce a good product and set reasonable prices for it. It is also imperative for businesses to seek out better ways of creating value for customers as well as adding greater utility and benefits for their customers.

According to Research by Virtual Incentives, 75% of customers value brands that offer incentives and loyalty programs. Moreover, when considering a company to buy from, 28% of people defined customer incentives as a decisive factor, coming second to the only price.

Here are some of the strategies for creating greater value for customers.

  • Special offers.

Gratitude and gifts for patronage are always very special ways of appreciating a customer. At this point, the customer feels appreciated and recognized. this is a motivation for better patronage and more customer acquisition. You can offer some free services to customers who have demonstrated trust and loyalty to the brand. The Winco Mattress Swap deal is a food example of such an offer. This swap deal affords customers a rare opportunity to Swapping their old mattresses for a new one regardless of the mattress brand of their old mattress.

  • Free trials.

As for free trials, Research suggests that a third of marketers opined that 15-35% of people who use a trial, later become customers. Whether it is for a product or a service, customers want to check what they are investing in before buying a paid plan. This is a good opportunity to let users realize the value of your product without expending resources. A genuine case in point is the Winco 14 Nights risk-free trial on the purchase of the Winco Orthopedic mattress, the Winco Semi orthopedic mattress, the Winco Luxury mattresses, and some of its Regular mattresses. This type of incentive helps to boost the confidence of the buyer and demystify any doubts about the product purchased.

  • Expedited Subscription services. 

Nowadays, a subscription doesn’t always mean a paid software plan but could be in terms of the delivery of retail products ranging from household appliances to heavy-duty machines. In Nigeria today, most customers will gladly welcome the idea of having their products or service delivered to their doorstep because it saves them much energy and money. Another case in point is the Winco Foam Industry which offers a nationwide free delivery service for all its products. With this service, the customer is freed from the hustle and bustle of transporting products to his/her destination.

  • Ask for Feedbacks.

72% of customers will not make a purchase without studying reviews of your product or service. After checking reviews, they will believe that a brand is more trustworthy and appreciate a brand that cares about their customers’ experiences. The Winco Foam industry constantly depends on the feedback it generates from its customers to make improvements to its products and services.

The Next Step

Customer Service Week is yet another opportunity to provide meaningful recognition to customers as well as customer service providers. It helps to create awareness among service providers on better strategies of creating greater value for customers. It also acknowledges the efforts made by the customer service team who work round the clock to ensure a seamless and healthy provider-client relationship. Lastly, regularly celebrating exceptional efforts is a pathway to guarantee business success.


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