4 Maternity Must Have For Pregnant Women

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More than ever, a pregnant woman requires not just sleep but quality sleep to enhance the health of both mother and child. The period of pregnancy is often times challenging and really stressful: the back aches, frequent urination, fatigue, night sweats and extra weight all contributes to the discomfort these pregnant women experience.

Most pregnant women spend more time shopping for their unborn baby than they do for themselves; there is always a budget for baby clothes, diapers, baby carriers, strollers and the likes. While this is great, you should also consider items and services that will adequately provide the support your body needs this period, leaving you and your baby healthier and happier during and after this period.

For instance, not only does she experience the discomfort from constant bathroom trips, her sleep partner in most case her husband will also share in the stress of this sleep disruption if the right mattress isn’t use.

Here’s a review of “maternity must have’s” that will best suit your sleep need’s while pregnant, making the journey less stressful and beautiful.

A Quality Mattress

Using the right mattress during pregnancy is as important as taking your routine drugs. We recommend investing in a dual side mattress. A dual side mattress is a two faced mattress, with one side made firm and the other is soft.


  • It can be flipped to provide the required support in any trimester. So, you don’t have to bother about getting a new mattress to suit your body changes.
  •  Aids spinal alignment to prevent or reduce pains.
  • It is resilient: springs back to shape after being compressed, this helps prevent sagging.
  • It has a firm edge support. So, you can easily get in and out of bed.
  • The soft and firm part is designed to ensure pressure point relief, support your back, hips and shoulder.
  • The dual sided mattress distributes body weight. This helps reduce pain caused by weight gain during pregnancy
  • The mattress has a 5 years warranty with a free 14night trial.

The Right Pillow

Sleeping on the right pillow while pregnant can be equated to sleeping on an angel’s wings. While different women prefer different level of firmness, but using a soft pillow may not be the right choice this period. You need a pillow that will relieve head and neck aches. There are a number of pregnancy pillows to shop for. Reviewers think the elegant pillow which comes in king and queen sizes is ideal for pregnant women. These are its unique features;


  • This pillow is made of fiber and will provide adequate support for head and neck
  • You can use this pillow between your knees to provide relief for your hips.
  • It offers a comforting touch to your upper body while you sleep
  • The pillow suits the different sleep positions.
  • Interestingly, this pillow can be used even after pregnancy

Mattress Topper

mattress topper mat

Do you struggle to get a beauty sleep from your mattress and yet can’t replace it due to cost? don’ t worry, we’ve also did a research on an alternative for you. Fortunately, you can get a mattress topper to give your current mattress the support it needs. A mattress topper is designed to enhance the feel of your mattress; it will also alleviate pressure points and help align your spine.

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Get a Leg Rest

winco leg rest

Statistically, 40% of pregnant women experience varicose veins. These things occur when the weight of the uterus and fetus exerts pressure on the legs and feet. This can be often times discomforting and frustrating for some women. Using a leg rest is one of the simplest ways to ensure even blood circulation and drain accumulated fluid in the feet and leg during pregnancy. It provides elevated support for the leg and feet, alleviating pain and discomfort. Invest in a Leg rest today for a better pregnancy experience.



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