4 Important Things To Consider When Purchasing A Mattress

purchasing a mattress

When it comes to buying a mattress a lot of people do not take as much time to research the type of mattress they want, as they would when buying a car. Despite the undisputed importance of good sleep, a lot of people think a mattress is a trivial piece of furniture, much like a plate, something you must have but not really important.   purchasing a mattress

A good mattress is just as important as a good car as it plays a large part in improving your general wellbeing. Buying a mattress can be confusing and a hassle, with so many brands and different types in the market, it is always best to know exactly what you want before going to the market. You may ask, what are the things I need to consider when I want to buy a mattress? Well, we have outlined them for you.

When buying a mattress, these factors will determine the type of mattress you get;

  • Budget
  • Sleep position
  • Your body type
  • Size of mattress


This plays a vital part in the type of mattress you get, good mattresses don’t always come cheap especially in this economy. Thus, it is advised that you pay attention when deciding to get a mattress, plan your budget, and search what’s in the market. You can save enough money this way.

sleep positions


Your sleep position affects the type of mattress you should buy. Side sleepers should get a semi-firm mattress, that will enable their hips and shoulders to bear the weight of their body. Stomach sleepers need a soft mattress, as the stomach is a delicate part of the body and a hard surface would not be safe. Back sleepers need a semi-firm or very firm mattress for proper spinal alignment.


People with a heavy bodyweight should consider buying a mattress with a firm surface as it will help to evenly distribute their weight, whilst alleviating pressure on their joints. The same thing goes for people with severe head, neck, and back injuries. People with light bodyweight should consider low-density mattresses, as their weight isn’t heavy enough to force the mattress down.

body sizes

Pregnant women in their first trimester should consider a soft mattress, women in their second and third trimester should consider a firm surface, to alleviate pressure on their lower back and legs and distribute their weight evenly.

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The size of the mattress can be affected by the size of your bed frame, size of your room or size of your door frame, you need to consider these when you want to go mattress hunting. You should measure your old mattress or bed frame to determine its size if you do not have a measuring instrument; find a household item that can serve to that effect.

Mattress sizes

You have to be armed with this information to avoid making a return trip to the market or store; which can be stressful, time-consuming, and expensive.



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