8 Sleep Hacks To Help You Fall Asleep Faster

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One of the basic needs of man is sleep. This is because sleep is nature’s way of restoring the body and setting it up for the day’s activity. So, while you may joke around with other daily activities, one thing you don’t want to toy with is adequate sleep. With so many daily stressful life events: the pressure to complete a task, financial obligations, family responsibilities, amongst others, the only thing you desire at the end of the day is to peacefully drift to dreamland. But sometimes, many people struggle to sleep; they lay on their beds ruminating on the the day’s activities and strategizing for tomorrow. Unfortunately, they sleep late and are obligated to wake up on time. Wondering how to fall asleep faster?

Here are helpful tips to enable you snooze faster

Put the Lights Out

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Except you are comfortable with the light from your electronic gadgets, tech-devices or light bulbs, but of course you are not, so put your tech devices at bay, switch off the television and turn off the light bulb. This is because the blue light from this devices interferes with your biological clock. So, rather than have a dark environment that prepares your body for sleep, you’d have an artificial lightening especially when not dim that keeps your brain active and makes it difficult for you to sleep. To fall asleep easily, create a dark sleep environment, you can also use black eye shades or eye mask, if there are still traces of light.

Invest in a Comfy Mattress and Pillow

Sometimes a sagging or worn out mattress or an uncomfortable pillow could be the culprit. Sleeping on a less comfortable mattress and pillow makes catching some Z’s difficult, you may keep tossing till late hours and might also wake up with body pain or headache. Do you want to fall asleep easily? Get a comfortable mattress or pillow today. This enables you to slip to dreamland easily, and you are certain to have a peaceful slumber.

 Try this Relaxation Technique

Engaging in a breathing exercise is one sure way to snooze faster. A slow, deep breath is always calming and restorative. We recommend the breath counting exercise by Dr. Andrew Weil. It’s a simple relaxation technique that helps you sleep faster. Here’s how it works:

  • Ensure you sit in a comfortable position with your spine properly aligned and head well position.
  • With your eyes close, take a few deep breaths and exhale slowly and naturally without force.
  •  As you breathe in, you count “one” only when you breath out.
  •  Repeat this action as you count “two”, “three” to “five” and start from one again.
  • You must stop at 5 to repeat the circle again. Do not exceed “five”, when you do it indicates you are not concentrating.
  • You can do this for a period of ten- fifteen minutes

Keep a Cool Room Temperature

temperature for sleep

When considering things that can help you fall asleep easily, a cold temperature might be the least on your list that’s if even listed. Ever been to an interview in a cold office setting and notice you are struggling to stay alert? Quite embarrassing right?  A cold room helps you sleep faster and better. Although our comfort preferences differ, research has shown that cooler temperatures help our body relax and comfort.

Engage in an Art

Whatever rocks your boat; you can read a book, listen to soothing music or even create or visualize beautiful memories. The goal is to do something that makes you relax. Do not read a horror story that may cause sleeplessness due to fear and anxiety or play songs that are negatively stimulating.

Have a Refreshing Shower


We watch this trick work so well on kids but oftentimes we are engrossed in the needs of others that we neglect ourselves. Tonight, ensure you take a hot or cold bath, whatever rocks your boat before bedtime. This does not only have a refreshing effect, but it also gets the body set for sleep.

Change Your Eating Habit

too much food

If you consume too much food at night or eat late at night, its time for a change. This is because, when you get too full, you will keep  tossing and turning on your bed. You do not need excess food at night, after all, you only need more energy at wake time not sleep time. Heavy meals, especially food with high carbohydrate content, take your body a long time to digest and this process can distort your sleep time. We advice that you take heavy meals or foods high in carbohydrate at least 2-4 hours before bedtime.

Create and Stick to a Sleep Routine

Do you have a bedtime routine? If you don’t, create one ASAP.  A bedtime routine helps your body prepare for sleep. for some, it’s a daily circle of taking a light meal, have a warm shower, put on the pyjamas, say a word of prayer or engage in meditation, put on the eye mask  and they are already sleeping. A bedtime routine helps achieve sleep faster because your body has become adjusted to your schedule and knows when to start winding down. The magic is in sticking to your routine.

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