How Healthy Sleep Can Set You Up For Success

sleep for success

Ever heard of sleeping to succeed? Certainly, sleep is to success as water is to thirst. Not getting the recommended amount of sleep and in fact healthy sleep is linked to serious health problem(s) such as heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. Insufficient sleep can also result in impaired alertness and concentration, low productivity or stress for all groups of people: entrepreneurs, professionals, students and artisans, consequently affecting their potential for success.

Who doesn’t desire success? While there is no one definition that fits all for the word success, generically, when one accomplishes a set aim or purpose, he can be said to be a success. Interestingly, many are ignorant of the correlation between healthy sleep and success. In fact, some argue that to be successful, you have to sacrifice sleep for work. However, while this may sound convincing and true, giving up sleep for work can make you less productive.

This article reveals how healthy sleep can set you up for success and why you must have a healthy sleep habit if you want to succeed at anything. Let’s explore;

Sleep Makes You Healthy

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Health they say is wealth. If you must succeed in life, you need to be healthy and strong. Sleep is a restorative exercise; it helps repair our blood and heart vessels and renew our energy, promoting a healthy wellbeing.  However when you decide to ignore sleep, you put your health at risk; diabetes, heart attack, obesity, high blood pressure and what have you. Certainly, achieving your goals and aspirations is the least thing you think of when you are sick. So, sufficient sleep is vital to your physical, mental, emotional and social well being.

Better Productivity and Performance

Of course, healthy sleep is linked to increased daytime productivity and concentration. Sometimes, the drive to be successful can sometimes be overwhelming, but adequate sleep each day will renew your energy for the task ahead, enabling you focus and work optimally. You do not want to find yourself sleeping in a productive hour of the day nor nodding during a business meeting with prospective investors, do you? Amongst all your strategies, let healthy sleep be a priority for you.

Sleep Improves Cognition and Memory

Succeeding at a task or endeavor requires smart thinking and creativity. Healthy sleep recharges the brain, leaving you more mentally alert and cognitively sound for the next day. Burdened by many stressful events, sleep helps you unwind and boost your cognitive ability. What happens when you do not get enough sleep daily? Your ability to process and retain information is negatively impacted, and your concentration level drops. You do find yourself fatigue and drowsy for the most part of the day. How can you have a successful career, business or academy with little or no creative ability, a worn cognition or impaired memory?

Better Emotional State

Healthy Emotional State

The more quality sleep you have, the better your ability to be in charge of your emotions, stay calm and navigate challenges to your advantage. Emotional stability is a vital ingredient to success. When you sleep better, you are less likely to get agitated and snap at your team or people around you who are sometimes important to achieving your purpose.

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