Common Sleep Mistakes You Don’t Know You Are Making

Man sleeping on the couch
Everybody desires a beauty sleep at the end of a stressful day, but sometimes we ruin our chances of having a peaceful slumber by ignorantly engaging in actions that distort your sleep quality. These sleep mistakes are so common that they make up the bedtime routine for some people. Hence, they are trapped in a daily circle of low productivity, moodiness, impaired alertness and concentration while in the long run they are at the risk of having diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.
Here are common sleep mistakes you may be making that jeopardize your chances of having a quality sleep.

Sleeping on the Sofa

One of the sleep mistakes people make is sleeping on the sofa. We understand how alluring your sofa can be after a stressful day, it’s in the sitting room and you don’t have to make further move to the bedroom, reason while you slump into your sofa and drift to dreamland. Ever heard of a neck crick? When you sleep on the sofa, you will most likely wake up with a stiff neck or a neck pain. While a habit of sleeping on the sofa every night can result in health issues such as chronic neck and back pain. Besides, you want your brain and body to get used to your comfortable mattress for quality sleep and not a sofa designed for sitting and relaxation.

Skipping your Bedtime Routine

Many people lack the discipline to maintain their bedtime routine, with many logical reasons why they have to go straight to bed today. After a stressful day or having arrived home later than usual, you may feel so exhausted that observing your bedtime routine may seem like hard nut to crack and so you just sink into your bed. However, this accounts for the reason you turn and toss in bed all through the night, thereby reducing your sleep quality. We recommend that you always practice your sleep routine regardless of how you feel. This will help you body adjust to a sleep mode and enable you have a quality sleep. Imagine you disregard you routine of a warm shower because you are exhausted?

Using the conventional night light in your bathroom

The third sleep mistake many people make is not having a bathroom night light. Creating a dark bedroom environment helps you fall asleep faster, but how about the light in your bathroom? Having the regular bulb in your bathroom will still suppress your ability to sleep. This is because; your bathroom light emits the blue lights from your devices that you may have successfully put out in your bedroom. So, when you go to take a shower or use the toilet, you will be exposed to this light. What’s the solution? Get a bathroom night light.
Being Comfortable with your Phone’s Night mode
Of course, we have in previous articles recommended using your phone’s night mode in bed to avoid the blue lights that repress your sleep hormone. However, research has found out that your phone night’s mode might still mess up with your sleep. This is because your phone’s night mode” only suppresses melatonin level by 19% and without a night mode 23%. We recommend you bore yourself into putting your phone away 2-3 hours before your bedtime.


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